If you ask 100 women what the most difficult part of putting on makeup is, the majority would say eyeliner. Putting on eyeliner every day is time consuming, to say the least, and tricky, because you are always concerned that you are going to slip, or not get it close enough to the eye, or worse, poke yourself in the eye. All this to say that eyeliner is a serious hassle. This is where permanent makeup comes in to play. Imagine having that gorgeous, elegant look on your eyes every morning when you wake up without ever having to worry about those issues, and never having to spend time washing it off at the end of the day. Permanent eyeliner saves time and reduces daily stress, just by eliminating one thing off of your morning to-do list.

Vasilisa Makeup offers cutting edge procedures for permanent eyeliner. Eyeliner is a simple way to add depth to your appearance and make your eyes stand out to give you a beautiful, gorgeous look. The three types of eyeliner procedures that you can have done are lash enhancement, permanent eyeliner, or dramatic eyeliner. Lash enhancement gives a soft look to your eyelashes by adding pigment between your existing lashes. Eyeliner is the medium effect, which is the permanent equivalent of using an eyeliner pencil every day. Dramatic eyeliner is obviously the strongest of the three, creating a deep, bold look for your eyeliner. Feel free to consult with Vasilisa in order to determine which type of approach is perfect for you and your eyes.

Permanent eyeliner is meant to accentuate your natural eye beauty, and is a great way to enhance your features and make your eyes stand out. Call Vasilisa Makeup today to schedule your consultation or appointment, or to find out if permanent eyeliner is right for you.