Permanent MakeUp – Eyebrows

If you spend time every day drawing in your eyebrows, consider a different approach. One of the most popular trends in permanent makeup are brow treatments. If you have thin eyebrows, have scars in your browline, or want more definition or depth to your eyebrows, consider getting a permanent brow treatment. In order to get the best eyebrows to shape your face, there are four different major styles and types to choose from: Partially Filled Eyebrows, Thin Line Stroke Eyebrows, Powder Brows, and Defined Eyebrows.

  1. Partially Filled Eyebrows: This type of procedure fills in parts of your eyebrows that are lacking hair or missing entirely. If you’ve suffered damage to your eyebrows, have scars or scar tissue in your eyebrow line, or have eyebrows that grow in awkwardly, this is the treatment for you. Partially filling your eyebrows in allows you to keep your existing hair, and the treatment will match what you have.
  2. Thin Line Stroke Eyebrows: This treatment creates a dynamic, thin line that can accentuate existing eyebrows or replace missing areas. By creating a thin hair stroke line, this permanent brow technique gives you incredible, beautiful definition and shape for your eyebrows.
  3. Powder Eyebrows: The powder-filled eyebrows procedure enhances your natural hair color by shading under existing hair. Lightly coloring or shading under the hair adds color and strengthens the appearance of the brow without having to replace it entirely. This is an ideal procedure for scar tissue in the brow line, or spots in the brow.
  4. Defined Eyebrows: This is the darkest, most defined treatment for eyebrows. If you are looking for a heavily defined brow that gives your face a lot of contrast and depth, the defined brow treatment is a great option.

These procedures are all different types of treatments to accomplish the same goal: to give the customer a full, complete eyebrow that beautifully shapes the face. Based on the type of eyebrow you currently have and the way your hair has been affected will determine what type of procedure works best for what you want your brow to look like. After consulting with Vasilisa to determine which type works best for you and your face, the procedure can be done in one appointment.