About Us

Vasilisa Ortuño has been a professional aesthetician in the permanent makeup industry for many years. She lives in Houston, Texas, but she is originally from Moscow, Russia. She is an internationally certified permanent makeup professional who has been dedicated to giving her clients heightened confidence and pride in their appearance. Vasilisa has been trained in a wide variety of professional services with permanent makeup, and specializes in eyeliner, eyebrows and lips. By using expert techniques learned from her training, she creates looks that will be certain to impress.

Vasilisa has several goals for herself and her clients. She prides herself on creating looks for clients that will help them realize their potential and improve their confidence while maintaining that those looks represent them accurately and depict their natural beauty. Helping others achieve the looks that they desire and enhancing their own beauty is Vasilisa’s life passion, and seeing customers’ satisfaction is what motivates her to work to create looks that clients will love. The procedures and work that Vasilisa does are an accumulation of years of experience, training, talent, skill, and the creativity to envision new, beautiful looks. These attributes combine to make Vasilisa a great choice to provide the best treatment available to her clients.

As a professional, she holds herself to the highest standards of excellence with customer service and quality. Vasilisa has taken all necessary trainings and preparations to ensure that she will deliver maximum standards of quality for her customers. She receives a lot of her business through referrals, and because of this, loyalty and dependability are of the utmost importance. Vasilisa will make sure to answer any questions that you have about procedures and treatments, as well as any general skincare questions. Vasilisa’s ultimate goal is that clients are ecstatic about their permanent makeup results. To make sure that customers are satisfied with her work, she devotes her time and energy to create beautiful, amazing, natural looks that will leave clients pleased and ready to live a more confident life.

Permanent makeup is a big change and decision for anyone, and of course there are questions that arise when trying to decide if this is the right treatment option for you. For Vasilisa, no question is too big or too small, and she would love to help you make this decision and answer any concerns you have. If you are interested in scheduling a consult or an appointment for permanent makeup, call Vasilisa today!